Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My beef w/Sam's

Ok...I've posted earlier that Sam's isn't my favorite place. Although it did come in handy feeding 20 this weekend, I still am not a big fan. Here is another reason:
I decided to buy in bulk for my laundry detergent. "96 loads", it boasts. "This will last me forever", I think to myself (which helps me justify spending $15...I'm trying to be cost conscious b/c I want to go do Disney World) .
So, before I left to take Jake to preschool today I walked into the laundry room. What did i find? The GIANT laundry jug on the floor...broken with detergent flowing onto the ground. I picked up the jug and turned it to it's unbroken side, looked inside, and found only 1/2 of the detergent left. Yes...48 loads of detergent on my floor. How do you clean up laundry detergent off the floor??????
Help! Any suggestions?
For now, I am wiping it up with the loads of laundry that need to be washed (I have at least 8 after this weekend). Do you think it will work?
Ugh!!! Darn you Sam's and your bulk items!!!
(We will be eating the frozen pizza & Edamame for dinner. Jake & I had the GIANT pretzels for a snack. Enjoy it while it lasts...no more Sam's for us!)


Kristen said...

I don't know how you clean up that mess, but I would advise to be careful when loading your washer... you don't want the items soaked with 48 loads of detergent to oversud-gerate your washing machine and foam at the mouth to the power of 16! Good luck!! :-)

Amanda and Jackson said...

Oh girl, you will never find me in a Sam's. And don't get me started about Walmart. I feel like I might get run over by a herd of people. Like a family rushing down the cereal aisle, 5 abrest. Or that one of the sky-scraper shelves might topple down. Sorry about the laundry detergent on your floor!

Richardsons of HV said...

I feel like I need a bath after going to Walmart...I know...I'm a snob.

Kristen said...

I especially enjoyed the comment you put in the survey about how you feel your children will be snatched while shopping at walmart. that's classic, seebug!