Friday, February 09, 2007


For those of you who know me well, 5:45am is not my shining time of the day. In fact, it is probably my grumpiest time of the day. At 5:45am this morning, Will woke up just because he wanted to be up early (What? Wanted to be up early?). We made him crawl into bed with us. Jeffrey's alarm went off about 15 minutes later. He went to take a shower and Will and I began to talk (which hardly happens with boys...they're not big talkers so I took advantage of the moment):
"What does heaven look like?", he said.
"It has streets of gold and the houses are built with 12 foundations of different precious stones. There is no more pain, suffering, or tears", I replied.
We talked some more about heaven.
"Was Abraham born before or after Jesus?", he asked.
"Before", I replied. Then I told Will all about Abraham and how his name used to be Abram but God changed it to Abraham. He laughed. Then we talked about how he changed Jacob's name into Israel. He said, "That doesn't even sound the same."
Then, he asked me, "What was guy's name that freed the slaves but didn't know what to do with them all". "Moses", I replied.
So, I asked him to tell me the story of Moses and he did. It was so precious. We talked about what it would be like to cross that river. We talked about how we would feel if we had to cross the river. Then I started talking to him about how the people, once they crossed the river, wanted to be slaves again. He giggled and said, "Why?" "Because they were hungry and didn't believe God would take care of them. So, he gave them manna (which I explained what it was) in the morning and quail (which he knew was a bird) at night but they were only allowed to take what they needed for THAT DAY or it would get moldy & bugs in it", I replied (boys love GROSS details). "God wanted them to have to rely on him EVERY DAY. He provided what they needed for THAT DAY, just like he does for us. He wants us to rely on him EVERY DAY."
The funny thing is, I was complaining about doing this bible study that I started. "It is too hard and too time consuming. I'm trying to read the bible in a year too and it is too much". Had I not been doing both, I would not have been able to go into such great detail with my son about the stories in the Old Testament. Thank you , God, for that nudge to press on.
I will never forget this morning! I will hide it in my heart.

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Trendz Girl said...

Steph it sounds like you had a moment only God could have provided. That story was so moving to read. I would not have known so many details to tell Bryson or Ty if they were to ask. Miss you.