Sunday, February 04, 2007

Disciple Now Weekend

Yes...this is a picture of 16 boys (well, 13 high schoolers & 3 leaders) who stayed at our house from Friday night until 9:30am this morning. Wow! Can you say "TESTOSTERONE"?
Disciple Now/Spin is a retreat for the youth at our church. The kids stay in different homes during the weekend. They are not allowed to drive and it is a time to "escape". Jeffrey was the chauffeur & I was the cook...and those boys can EAT! They were so sweet to us and were up into the wee hours of the morning (foreshadowing my future...Can I freeze time?...Please!).
The Youth Minister, Blake Chilton, surprised the students and had LeCrae rap on Friday night. They freaked!!! On Saturday, after their morning session, they did a service project at an apartment complex in Lewisville. After that, they headed to Texas Stadium (yes...that is where the Cowboys play) to hang out! They played football, soccer, and the girls just sat there and chatted on the green turf. My BOYS had a blast!

We dashed home to cook dinner for everyone. Did you know that those Stouffer's Lasagnas take 1 hour and 45 minutes to bake? Well, we had to go to plan B...Pasta! I stuck some mozzarella sticks in the oven and they devoured them. For dinner we had pasta w/different kinds of sauces & garlic bread. (They had lasagna when they returned at 9:30pm last night w/Taquitos, queso, etc....Did I tell you they could EAT?) They were found, after dinner, in the dining room putting on fake tattoos with Jeffrey's tattoo maker he got for Christmas.

The boys took a bath with Eli last night and that was funny! They kept singing "Better is One Day" because the youth taught it to them. That totally made it worth it!

Who knows what time the youth went to bed last night? All I remember was a chanting of "Shake & Bake" (quote from Ricky Bobby) at about 11:30pm last night. Supposedly they filmed some crazy stuff last night...I'm sure we'll see it soon. I haven't wanted to venture upstairs yet to see the "damage"...maybe tomorrow I'll be brave enough.

Our small group came over at 10:45am this morning and we had a great time. When they left, all I could do was lay on the couch. I still feel awful (yes, I tried Airborne...I think a little too late). The boys are in the other room watching Star Wars (they've watched 4,5, 1 & and are watching 2...we couldn't find 6 so we had to start from the beginning) and they are totally into it. I'll probably head to the doctor tomorrow.....


Kristen said...

Can't wait to hear the story!

Kristen said...

wow! can't believe you did all that cooking! and yes, i did know those lasagna's take for ever to cook! Such a shame, too!

One more thing: your puppy looks huge! How big will he get when he's full grown? He looks like he'll compete with that hairy english shepard. I'm thinking of that big gray and white long-haired dog... I may have the name wrong.

Jackson said...

What a cute picture of the boys in the bath with the dog! Girl, you deserve a day at the spa after this weekend. So did you wear your Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader uniform to Texas Stadium? Hope you get to feeling better.

Kristen said...

Do y'all ever watch that Making Cheerleader reality show on CMT? Oh my! I watch it just to feel better about myself and how I don't have to deal with those women who run it. They remind me of an evil sorority. ;-)