Friday, February 23, 2007

The Bears Are 101

Howdy folks! Welcome to the Country Bear Jamboree. In just a few moments, our show will be startin'. I'd like to ask those of you in the front row to stand behind that white line away from the brass railin' until those doors come completely open. Now, once those doors come completely open, why don't ya grab a partner, enter the theatre, and doe-si-doe all the way down the row filling up each and every seat. Now the bears (being personal friends of mine and all) have asked that there be no eatin', no drinkin', and absolutely, positively, no flash photography. It's not that our bears are camera shy, but due to the distance and lighting, your film will not develop properly. Enjoy the show!

That is the "spiel" I had 13 years ago at Walt Disney World. I was an "Attraction Hostess" for the summer of 1994 at Country Bear Jamboree & Tom Sawyer's Island. Like the outfit?
My sweet friend, Kristen, reminded me today that when the bears were broken (and sometimes they would get stuck...picture a glorified Chuck E Cheese) you would have to have the audience exit the theater and would call out "The Bears are 101" to the other cast members.
So, that is why I am such a freak about going to WDW with my kids. I couldn't wait to take my kids even as a soon to be junior in college! It is my long time dream! Can you believe I still remember my spiel? Are you dying to see my in my Tom Sawyer's Island. I'll make you wait for a few days to add to the suspense...


Kristen said...

you make that prairie dress look outright stylish. please don't make me wait too long to see tom sawyer! i paid my dues. and besides we're going to be away from the computer this weekend! so anty up.

Amanda and Jackson said...

I can't tell you how much more my husband would adore me if I had worked the Country Bear Jamboree. He loves it. You were such a hottie in that outfit.