Monday, February 12, 2007

5 Star Dining

We had two 5 Star Dining meals this weekend. Where did we go? Our friends' houses. Oh, my goodness...those girls were blessed in the kitchen!
Friday night, we went to the Velten's house. They are from Mexico City and they made us a couple of gourmet Mexican dishes. This wasn't your typical El Chico/Taco Bell meal. She made this corn casserole thing that had a yummy sauce on top. She also served Mole (I think that is how you spell it) and rice. Oh, yum! For dessert, we had crepes w/Carmel sauce. Can you say fancy?
I brought the salad and I thought I was so gourmet (well, at least for me). I bought the dressing from The Village Grill (Chipotle Lime Vinaigrette) and made homemade croutons (which I had never made before). My salad was NOTHING compared to that meal.
Last night, we went to the Schulte's house. They have been coming to our small group and live around the corner. They have 2 girls 1 year older than my boys ages. She had brie w/a brown sugar/pecan glaze (oh, I LOVE brie) for an appetizer. We had roasted finger potatoes, steak, an amazing salad, sauteed snap peas & asparagus, and bread. Wow! We laughed at how I am not the gourmet chef!
I brought my cupcakes for dessert. Obviously, nothing fancy on my part.
If you come over to my house, you get basic home cooking with not too much flavor or presentation. Poor Jeffrey...having to eat my cooking for these 8 years. So, I am excited about taking cooking lessons from these girls! They both love to cook and I love to that is perfect! I do need to get a garlic press. I'm embarrassed to say I don't have one. William I come!

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Sari said...

Sheila told me about this entry! I love it! and you are totally welcome to come eat at my house anytime!! We love hanging out with you, Richardsons!! Let's get together more often!