Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Week

For me, this week has been super crazy! Here we go:
Monday: pretty normal, took Will lunch at school

Tuesday: Focus group study (got paid $100), Young Life Committee Meeting at our house

Wednesday: Received a Valentine from my boys along w/$100 (which I saved last week) and a new watch; Star & Lauren came over (we missed you Amanda!!...hope you are feeling better) for a Valentine's lunch/cup cake party; was in charge of Will's school party (including a couple games of Valentine's BINGO): dinner w/the family at Cotton Patch (can you say ROMANCE?)

Thursday: my neighbor's, Jen Krahl, early delivery (story to come); Jake had Barrett over (who locked both doors to the bathroom...thankfully he wasn't inside); Workout at gym for the 1st time in 1 1/2 weeks; PUPPY SCHOOL (Eli was the worst pupil...they are going to give him "special classes" b/c he is a "special dog"...oh, my!)

Friday: Kelsi & kids came over for lunch; booked our DISNEYWORLD trip!!
...And the week isn't over!!!
I need a NAP!!!

We're having the "guys & kids" over here tonight from our small group; Tomorrow night the Webers & Parkers are coming over; and Sunday is small group. Crazy!


Kristen said...

oh man, just what you really didn't want to hear... "how special" your dog is! Good luck with that!

miss you tons... i'm looking forward to our visit even though the date isn't set.

Kristen said...

my friends posted Jimmy Stewart reading a poem about his beloved dog. maybe you should go watch it for a little inspiration for making the most of living life with Eli. ;-)