Sunday, August 20, 2006

Feliz Cupleanos, Emilio!

Yesterday, the boys and I went to our first "Mexican" birthday party. Our friends had a party for their 3 year old. I was one of 3 adults there who didn't speak Spanish. It was awesome!!!! We had a great time. They sure know how to throw a party. I think there were 27 kids and probably 26 adults!!!
The party started at 1pm. The kids played outside in the blow up swimming pools. It was HOT but there was lots of shade. We had taquitos, rice, & beans for lunch (So yummy!!!). After lunch, they hit the pinata. It was a huge one (but small for Mexican pinatas...did you know in Mexico they are lifesize?)!! They sang a Mexican song while each child took three swings. The boys joined in (even though they didn't know what they were singing). What fun!
It was great to meet new people. I loved listening to them speak. I want to learn spanish!!! As I listened to them, I wondered what it would be like to live in a foreign country. They all met each other b/c they were from Mexico City and were so excited to meet someone who was from their country...and spoke Spanish! I've been doing the Daniel study by Beth Moore. Daniel and his family were captured (with the other jewish people) and taken to Babylon. They didn't speak the same language and he had to learn their language along with their customs because he was one of 4 boys who were sent to the palace to do so. During the study we thought of how sad he must have been to leave his homeland.
As I sat there not understanding what the people at the party were saying, I thought of Daniel in a new way. Maybe it was sad to leave his home but I also wonder if he felt a sense of adventure? Obviously, he was smart so he probably loved learning new things. He was probably like a sponge soaking everything in. I think now he might of seen it as a sense of adventure.
In the midst of our fear of change, do we ever relish the fact that it could be an awesome adventure that will change us (for the good) forever? Or, are we too gripped by fear and tunnel vision to look for the bigger picture? Sure, I bet the Mexican families wish they were home and miss the comforts of it. But...what an adventure!

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Trendz Girl said...

Sounds like a fun party. I agree that you should learn spanish because I just heard on the news last week that officially in Texas and Cali, caucasians are a minority now. So, English may soon become a second language there and Spanish the primary. Start now and keep ahead before it may be too late.