Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ft. Worth Science Museum

Sorry it has been a few days!
Some of you have asked how my sister in law's family is doing. They are having estimates done on the house but nothing has been fixed yet. We keep saying..."At least they weren't home!" What a blessing!
Yesterday, the boys and I spent 3 hours at the Lifetime Fitness pool. It was fun! A new friend of mine, Patricia, met us because I had a guest pass. I met her with Lindsay at The Village's VBS. She's a 7th grade teacher at Lamar Middle. The kids played and played. We got to visit and that was fun. Lindsay is going to be my guest on Thursday. I didn't realize how much sun we got. It never seemed that hot because we were having so much fun.
Ok...on to today. The boys and I left early this morning to go see my grandparents in Ft. Worth. Princess the cat would not come out to play so they were disappointed but all in all the trip was good. We visited with my grandmother as she at breakfast (and Jake talked about how hungry he was...he is ALWAYS hungry).
After our short visit, we headed to the Ft. Worth Science Museum. We met our friends there (Sara, Jean, Arlene, Dawn, & kids) for "Terrific Tuesday". It was a lot of fun! I thought the kids would last 1 1/2 hours MAX! I had to drag them out at 3:30pm (so we wouldn't hit traffic on the way home) and we got there at 10:30am! They can't wait to go again.
We have bible study tomorrow. It should be another busy day! I think I'm trying to cram as much into my schedule as I can because we only have 1 1/2 weeks left of FREEDOM...then school starts!!!

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