Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Like Father Like Son

Yesterday, I took Will Sonic (that is what he wants every week) to school and ate lunch with him. We were talking about how he was riding the bus.
.....I know, I know. I said I would NEVER let my kid ride the bus. They have made it sooo hard to drive the kids that it is virtually impossible not to ride the bus now. There is lots of drama concerning the drop-off/pick-up at Heritage...don't want to go into it. They do, however, have assigned seating so that makes us feel better. Our neighborhood has so many kids that they have to have 2 buses for our neighborhood.
Ok, back to the story...Will asked me yesterday as we were chatting not to meet him at the bus. He said, "The other moms just wait inside. Can you do that?" Oh, No! My first grader is already embarassed of his mom. I'm a COOL mom...why would he be embarassed of ME? I gathered up my pride and told him that I wouldn't cross the street but would wait on our lawn. I asked him if that was ok and if he would be embarassed by that. He said that was, "OK."
So, it reminded me of a Jeffrey story. Jo (Jeffrey's mom) told me that when Jeffrey was in first grade, he wouldn't let her walk him to his class. He just wanted to be dropped off. He convinced her that he could do it on his own. She reluctantly agreeed and he walked himself in, found his name on the roster posted on the door, and entered the classroom. Jo recalls that she cried all day long as her "baby" (the oldest of 3) was in 1st grade and she didn't walk him to his class.
As Will asked me not to wait outside, I realized that he was EXACTLY like his dad. Independent to the core. At least I was able to walk him into his class his first day of 1st grade!

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Kris said...

that is SO sweet...well, sad. Are we REALLY getting into that age? Ugh. This is the first year that when I drop him off he doesnt freak about getting to front to kiss me...he actually just said "I love you mom" and waved. SOB SOB. We COOL moms must stick together...and, we must get Maya and "my friend I mean Jake" together soon