Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sore Throat?

How do you tell when your child is "stretching the truth" about being sick? Yesterday, Will woke and said his head hurt (to his dad) and then he told me (later) his throat hurt. Which one was it? And then, he said, "I never get to stay home. I never get a break." (he's been in school 2 days at this point) Hmmm....I think he has realized that Jake is getting to stay home with me and do fun things. So, I sent him to school yesterday, alerting the teacher that he "may" be sick. No call from the school nurse.
So, this morning at 5:45am (which brought back horrible memories of being up with small children...don't think I could do that again...I am so not a morning person) he woke up again with a sore throat. I didn't believe him again but then he started to sniffle. I think he's got drainage. Anyway, maybe he did have a sore throat. Maybe I'm the world's worst mom for thinking he was faking it! I took him Sonic for lunch. He seems to be doing better. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow morning.

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Kris said...

my hubby thinks I'm so cruel bc I ALWAYS 1st suspect a "white lie" when the sick thing comes up (unless its obvious - I'd say vommit or fever is obvious). I usually use the "OK, we'll call the dr and go get it checked tv or toys, just bed to rest" and then the truth tends to come out. Hmmm, I must say tho, I've doubted them a few times and then been sorely mistaken. Uh oh. GOod luck sister