Friday, August 18, 2006

Boys' Back To School Bash

Well, it's not a bash...just a few kids over to play. 7 boys at my house right now. That's a lot of boys! Will is just like me...can't invite 1 person, it's got to be everyone!
Here they are taking a break from chase to play Nintendo. Boys are weird about video games! No tea parties or make up application here!


Trendz Girl said...

FUN!! Are these boys from his class?? How do you plan something like that so quickly?? What a great way for him to get to know the other boys in his class. They look like they are having fun. Video games, I'm just not ready for those to take over yet. Have a great weekend. The family is going up to Minneapolis Sunday and Monday. I have a show and the boys are going to go hang out. Call me soon.

Kristen said...

this is hilarious! great story, great photo!