Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Here are a few crazy things that have happened:
Went to pick John Mark (my brother) up from the airport. While I was driving to the airport, a huge thunderstorm rolled in causing his flight to be late. The boys and I (w/neighbor boy Hunter) went to Burger King to go to the bathroom. While ordering Icees for them, the power went out (not the best neighborhood to be in when the power goes out!). So, we leave BK empty handed and go back to airport to pick up JM. Then, JM can't get his luggage b/c it is still lightening and thundering. So...we wait some more. Meanwhile, Hunter's mom calls and says he has to go to tryouts for football by 6:00pm. We were at Love Field and it was 5:00pm (ever heard of 5:00 traffic). Well, we hit major traffic and got Hunter to practice (10 minutes late). 3 hours in the car! bag for JM. He had to go back that night to pick it up! Crazy!
Tuesday was our LAST Terrific Tuesday and we were sad. After dropping John Mark in Dallas (2 more hours in the car...yes, I live in "Oklahoma" as my dad likes to say) we came home to eat lunch and get dressed. I took the boys to Kidz Muze (a new play place in Coppell). The kids had a blast and we had a great turnout for Terrific Tuesday (Will climbed a climbing wall for the first time...see picture). After that, I dropped the kids off in Southlake to spend the night with their cousins. Then, I went to Sprouts & Tom Thumb to pick up groceries for the Mary Kay party I had last night. (Yes, I like to cram as much as I can in one day!) While bringing in the groceries, The carrier's bottom for the wine I bought (the man talked me into buying 6 b/c it was cheaper) fell apart and all bottles fell on the ground breaking 3 and making my big toe black and blue! I was so lucky it didn't cut me!!! It was 1 hour until the party at my house so I called Sprouts and they sent a lady over with new bottles. Isn't that nice? I'm sure they were just scared I was going to sue them for my toe!
Since the boys spent the night at their cousins, I had a relaxing morning. I got some stuff done around the house (cleaned up from last night, cleaned up the broken wine bottles, made dinner, make cake balls, etc.). I ate lunch by myself at Celebrity...yes, that is a new thing. In my older age, I'm liking being by myself to have my quiet time and read. That is weird for me b/c I usually have to have someone around all the time. The only craziness today was losing my pearl earring. They are the earrings Jeffrey gave me for our first Christmas. I was heartbroken. I called all the stores I went to today and then just prayed. After I prayed, I found it on the floor in the study. Praise Him!
I know this is long but think of it as 3 days in 1!
Oh, BTW...We found out who Will's teacher is! He has Ms.Yokum. We are very excited and he has 6 or 7 kids from his last class in his new class. We are still going to have Ms. Mitchell's Mommies Night Out (MMM) with the old class but will add our new friends. It should be fun!
We have Meet The Teacher tomorrow night. I'll let you know how that goes!!!
I'm hoping to work out tomorrow. I've got to get back to Weight Watchers! Next week the routine begins!!!!

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