Monday, August 14, 2006

Will's First Day of First Grade


First Grade

I think I'll have to hold back tears all day long. Will is at school. We just dropped him off and we are sad.
Here are a few pictures from this morning. Don't they look old? They have grown up so much!
Will was very excited about school and he is going to have a great day. Jake says he gets to hug Will first when we pick him up because he is his brother. I guess I'll have to hug him second! Would it be too smothering to take him lunch today? Ok...I'll wait. What about Wednesday? Do I have to wait until Friday?


Trendz Girl said...

I still can't believe the boys are in first grade. I remember them peeking through the gate at the church Mothers-Day-Out in Irving together waiting for us to pick them up. Now they are in 1st and 4 states away. Oh, I am sad!! I guess there is no chance they will ever be in the same class. Will looks excited about school. I hope your second day goes well. Miss you and love you.

the Clarks said...

Your boys are so precious! I think they look just like you! Hang in there, I know I would be sad too.