Sunday, August 13, 2006

Last Day Of Summer

Look at these moves....

We just got back from Canadian, TX (population 2223) where we went to Jeffrey's cousin Kris' wedding. We stayed at the Canadian Courts Motel. The wedding was at the First United Methodist Church (which was packed...not an empty seat) and the reception was at City Hall. The boys were ready for the wedding to be over so they could go to the reception to eat cake and dance (after my own heart). The boys joined the wedding party as they did the Grand March (must be a square dancing thing). They thought they were part of the dance. Very funny!
We were able to see Jeffrey's grandmother, his dad, both of his uncles and their families. They are all very nice...too bad they live so far (most live in Canyon, TX...near Amarillo for those who do not know their Texas geography).
NEW HOUSE RULE..."No putting boogers on other people"-this rule was added on the way to Canadian. Jeffrey and I secretly laughed so hard as we had to tell them the new rule...LIFE WITH BOYS!!!
So, today is the last day of summer. I am very sad. My baby starts first grade tomorrow. He is not old enough to be in first grade...I'm not old enough to have a first grader (although, I did find 4 grey hairs on my head). He is very excited! Jake and I are sad. We're going to miss him! 3:00pm will not come soon enough tomorrow!

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