Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fun in the Sun!

Today we went to Lifetime to workout and then swam. Wow! I'm going to miss days like today in 1 1/2 weeks when school starts! It was 103 degrees in my car when we drove home. I made sure the boys drank lots of water!
Patricia and Lindsay met us at the pool. We had great discussions about life and our "issues"...we've all got 'em! The boys had fun playing with their friends at the pool Shelly, Landry, & Caroline met us. So did Jean, Maddie, & Emma. We all went down the slide several times. The "dark slide" (as the boys call it) was scary but fun. Lots of water up my nose!
Yesterday's bible study hurt my head! We are studying Daniel. God is stretching me more than ever! My little brain can't think that hard...but God is giving me just enough knowledge to get through it. It is very interesting. I'm not one who knows much about prophesy so it is new to me (end times, post-tribulation, pre-tribulation, rapture, premellinialism, and other big words I can't spell or pronounce!). It's not real touchy feely so that is hard for me but I'm pressing on!
Well, I'm off to wash clothes. The stack is growing and growing.

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Kris said...

In Cali...checking blogs and taking a break from the beach (yes, I know - its tough!!). Missed y'all yesterday, but prayed hard...I watched video 1st and knew it'd be a heavy one...luv ya, friend